Bananaquit: Cape Florida

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Posted by Robin Diaz on 09:02:17 01/06/13

This morning at 0810 I found an adult Bananaquit in Bill Baggs Cape Florida SP. It was at the south end of the park, along the dirt Nature Trail. It sat in a Wild Sage bush and picked at the fruit while I fumbled with my little camera. It stayed put <2 minutes and then flew east about 20 yards to the top of a dense Strangler Fig. It gave 2 thin, high-pitched "zit" calls and then disappeared in the thick leaves. I was momentarily disappointed that it wasn't a male Western Spindalis - then I got a grip.

Other birds in the immediate area: Yellow-rumped, Palm, Magnolia, Prairie and Orange-crowned Warblers, Northern Parula, Yellow-throated and White-eyed Vireos, House Wren, 3 Great Crested Flycatchers and the usual catbirds and cardinals. The Eastern Phoebe in the area is banded, probably one of the 20 phoebes banded this fall in the park. A Common Loon flew over while I was trying to relocate the Bananaquit.

Directions: Park at the south end of Area C and enter the dirt Nature Trail, go 40 yards and you'll see pink flagging and a palm husk across the path. The park removes the Coconut Palm blossoms along the lighthouse path but the "Jamaican Tall" farther down the trail is beginning to blossom and may attract the bird.

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