La Sagra's Flycatcher: Virginia Key

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Posted by Robin Diaz on 12:35:07 01/02/13

This morning around 11 AM I noticed bird activity on the east side of "Sewage Road" and stopped. A Great Crested Flycatcher was with another Myiarchus and after they moved, I got a better look at the second bird. It was a Myiarchus of slighter build than the Great Crested, with a very pale yellow/cream wash, pale throat and a long black bill. When going for an insect, the bird fanned its tail and there was a hint of rufous on each side. The birds stayed behind a large Schinus bush and I wasn't able to get another look. I would like to see the wings and face better and will try to look for it after my second airport run of the day. Meanwhile Larry Manfredi is in the area and will look for it.

Enter Rickenbacker Causeway (toll) and head east. Across from the Seaquarium, turn north onto Arthur Lamb, Jr. Road and enter Virginia Key Beach area (fee). Drive north and when the road splits, bear left onto "Sewage Road," with guard rails on each side. As the right side railing ends, pull COMPLETELY off the road. The bird was in the mix of Schinus, Burma Reed, Castor Bean, bidens and passion vine -- just south of where the guard rail ends. The area is tricky to bird and septic trucks come down this narrow road at full speed. Please use caution!

Birds in the area: Broad-winged Hawk, Great Crested Flycatcher (2), American Goldenfinches, Downy Woodpecker, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, Common Yellowthroats, Pine, Palm and Orange-crowned Warblers and usual local residents.

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